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Orchestra/Strings1: 2(A-B)
Instructor: Fowler, Blake   
I hope everyone is as excited about going to North Augusta High School as I am to be teaching here! My teaching philosophy for fine arts classes is that each class is treated like a professional setting, students will be on time, prepared, and respectful at all times.á Just as if they are rehearsing with a professional band or symphony orchestra.

I truly believe Instrumental music, and all music classes teach students qualities that will make them a better musician and a better person such as; patience, thoughtfulness, practice, discipline, and multi-tasking.á

The best way to reach me is by email at BFOWLER@ACPSD.NET

Blake Fowler
North Augusta High School
Director of Percussion
Assistant band director
second nine weeks
I want to thank all students and parents for a great first nine weeks of school. Helping the students mature as musicians has really been a pleasure.

In the second nine weeks we will continue to perfect the fundamentals everyday, as poor technique on a string instrument does not only affect sound quality but can be detrimental to the muscles, tendons, and joints in your wrist and arms. The orchestra during the second nine weeks will be covering topics such as bow velocity, bow pressure, dynamics, articulation, balance, and blend, as well as work on a performing a few holiday hits.

Parents, please continue to encourage your student to practice daily! Thanks for all the hard work.
Remember Instruments will be required Monday Aug. 24th as well the Essential Elements book 1 and book 2 for your students respective instruments.
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